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About me

Mystic | Music | Mother Nature | Moons

I am a self taught abstract artist and designer based in Belfast.  Inspired by divine feminine energy, contemporary neopaganism and tarot, I ebb and flow my way through life in line with the moon.

As a single mother to a young daughter, I devote the majority of my time to her care.  In what little precious free time I have, I create.


I feel a special connection with mother nature and enjoy capturing the emotion she inspires within me on canvas using the medium of oils.  I also grow my own plants and herbs which I use in my crafts.


My love for painting and music go hand in hand, with my pieces named after music heard during their creation.  Combined, they capture the essence and energy of the work, as if to reveal a magical moment in time. 


Image by Viva Luna Studios
About me

Magic is everywhere... you just have to open your eyes