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About me

Mystic | Music | Mother Nature | Moons

My artistic journey is fueled by divine feminine energy, contemporary neopaganism, and the wisdom of tarot. As I navigate life in harmony with the moon's cycles, I find my inspiration and creativity ebbing and flowing like the tides.

Being a devoted mother to a young daughter, my primary focus lies in providing her with love and care. Nevertheless, I cherish the precious moments of free time I get, and during these moments, I pour my heart and soul into my creative expressions.

Drawing from a profound connection with Mother Nature, I find solace in translating the emotions she stirs within me onto canvas using the expressive medium of oils. In addition to my art, I nurture my passion for plants and herbs, cultivating them with care to incorporate them into my artistic crafts.

Painting and music hold a special place in my heart, and they often intertwine during my creative process.
Each piece I create is named after the music that accompanies its birth, capturing the essence and energy of the artwork, as if revealing a magical moment in time.
Explore my world of abstract art and design, where the divine and earthly unite to inspire unique and captivating creations. Join me on this artistic journey as I dance with the muse, harmonizing with the rhythms of life and the universe.


Image by Viva Luna Studios
About me

Magic is everywhere... you just have to open your eyes

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